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Monday, November 14, 2011

Haven't written in a while... (boys)

I died recently.
And so did my blog.
So let me slightly redeem my blog
by my posting of a random thought I've pondered this evening.

I've chosen good boyfriends.
I don't regret dating any of the guys I've dated.
Yeah, some of my relationships didn't reach their full potential because of
silly issues I had/have with myself, or various other reasons,
but all ups and downs included.... everything was perfect.

As to refrain from embarrassing any of them, I won't say too much, but I want to share a happy memory from each relationship.

My first boyfriend was perfect. We were both each others' firsts, and it was a good learning experience. He always knew just how to make me smile, and we were perfectly content with just hugging each other forever and ever and never wanting to let go. We have the most random conversations and the best IDEAS and inside jokes.. I'm truly blessed to still have him as one of my best friends.

My second boyfriend was great as well. We had lots and lots of great times together, and I enjoyed all the quality time I got to spend with him. I knew a little bit more about relationships then, so things were easier. We understood each other well and he made me feel so special. Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to have him. We went together like *something really cheesy like PB&J* I enjoy his sense of humor.

My third boyfriend is the most likely out of all the other ones to actually read this post. He was definitely one of the better things in life that has happened to me. His laid-back personality and wisdom beyond his years made me see things from other perspectives. He also knew how to have fun, and we'd have movie nights and game nights with friends. Those were the best. We still talk often and I'm beyond glad. He's always there when I need someone to talk to, and despite all of my insanity, he never judges me. Or at least if he does, he's good at hiding his judgments. :b Kind of tearing up as I write this... well yeah. I could go on and on talking about this kid, but I'm trying to keep these paragraphs slightly uniform in size.

My fourth boyfriend was really good to me. And good for me. He helped me with my school work and he'd take me to tutoring with him, which was always helpful. He was a complete gentleman and we always had fun joking around and passing notes in class. Unfortunately this relationship ended earlier than it should have because of personal issues I was having, but thankfully there wasn't really an awkward "post-break-up, pre-friendship-again" stage. We're still good friends and I'm honored to know such a nice fellow.

My fifth and current boyfriend. Man oh man. This relationship started in the most random of ways. Then again, pretty much all my relationships did.. anyway. I thought he looked like an actor, had a freak attack and thought he was too cool for me, and here were are.. two months later. My favorite things we do include spending quality time together talking, walking along the beach, and having fun. And eating. I like that he's open to try something my way, and I'm willing to try something his way. I think we're a good pair because I can teach him to loosen up and he can teach me to be more disciplined.

Even though one could say that I've dated too many guys, I don't really think so. I think that dating is a way to expose yourself to new things. And besides, it's fun to have someone to learn with. I put as much effort into every relationship I have, and I wouldn't have a relationship just for the heck of having one. I'm thankful for all the great times I've had and for all the lessons I've learned.

If you're one of these boys, listen up real quick.
Regardless of where we may stand right now,
I love you.
I loved you once, and I'll always love you.
I don't toss around the words "I love you", so believe me when I say it.

"To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart." - Unknown