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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tell it how it is.

That's alright. 
Play your little games.
You're the one who made the final call, not me.
You can call me all the mean names you want.
I'm not gunna follow in your immaturity.

I'm not tied to you.
I can do what I want.
I am my own person. 
Don't think for a second that I'm going to wait for you to change your mind.
You made your choice. I moved on. What am I supposed to wait for?

I'd love to be your friend, 
but it's all up to you.
I've tried talking to you,
but I guess I'm just not worth your time.
If you want to talk, it's your turn to say hi.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Promise me, baby.

What am I gunna do with you?
I know. I already know.
I can't leave you. I can't.
What if I were you?
No. I can't. You're staying right here, with me.
I don't even know your name, but I love to say it.
I haven't seen your face, but I know you're beautiful.
I have never spoken with you in my whole life,
but I know you sound like an angel.
I know nothing about you, but I know everything.
You're mine. I'm yours.
You're gunna make my life hell,
but your life won't be easy, either.
Just promise me you won't be ashamed of me.
Promise me you'll back me up in my decision.
Be my bestfriend, I'll be yours.
Our love for each other will be the strongest bond you'll ever experience.
In you, I see myself. 
We share the same heart.
We share the same blood.
We share the same flesh.
We are one.
I'll be with you all the way,
I'll be here to watch you grow.
I'll do anything for you.
I can't promise your first years with me will be great,
but I can promise to try.

I'm keeping you.

I'm keeping you, baby.

Mama's keeping her baby.

I, myself, am not pregnant. Although these would be some of the thoughts of a pregnant teenage girl who wants to keep her baby. On a side note, if you read this without reading the last line or looking at the picture, it could also be about a relationship.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

With You

I can't tell if you really don't know or if you're just playing along... cliche, but this suspense is killing me!
It must be fun for you to kill me slowly, but I guess I can't always get the immediate gratification we desire as humans. I could potentially be making an uneducated mistake, or maybe I'm making a great choice. Either way, I hope I don't screw things up, like I usually do.

I'm diving off the deep end,                                         |
and you, my dear, are too.                                         |  |
We both don't know what to think,                          |     |
we both don't know what to do.                              |       |
Maybe I like the idea of liking you, 
or maybe I like you, it's true.
I'm diving off the deep end,
something I always do.
I'm diving off the deep end,                                     |       |
but I'm doing it with you.                                         |      |
Whether it be right,                                                   |    |
or whether it be wrong,                                              |  |
let's just hope that                                                       | |
we're not risking it all.                                                  |
I know how to swim,
and you do too,
so if we sink,
I'll rescue you.
Rescue me, 
and you might see,
that this was never meant to be.
But either way,
for now let's stay,
cuz I'm diving off the deep end,
with you.

-------- _--------------- -----_____________-----------------

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh so often do I fall in love.

I fall in love...

A lot.

My only problem is that I

      / A\
    /  L \
  /   L  \

in love with

I'm in love with about five personalities right now.
Damn hoe... 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have an obsession.. with quotes.
These are some of my favorites:

"Life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once."

"You’re better than you think, you’re stronger than you know.” - My Big Brother ♥

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. - Kurt Cobain

"You'll know when it's love because you'll want to spend every minute of your time with them." ♥

“Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.”

"People take different rivers to get to the same ocean"

"When I Text You, That Means I Miss You; When I Dont Text Back, That Just Means I'm Waiting For You To Miss Me."

"You can't step into love, you have to fall - head over heels"

"Take my advice, i wasnt using it anyways"

"Even when im a mess, i still put on a vest, with an S, on my chest, oh yes, imma super woman. Yes i am." (:

"Do you have a Band-aid? 'Cuz i scraped my knee when i fell for you."

"Love is a two way street." 

"Rudeness is a weak imitation of strength. Try again later."

"Smart listens to the head. Stupid listens to the heart. Be Stupid."

"A best friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow."

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

"When nothing goes right ... go left"

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”

"Friends are like a box of chocolates, you never know which ones are nuts"

"Life is sweet; Take a bite out of it."

"Life is a game of chess, make sure you look at the entire board."

“When a young man complains that a young lady has no heart, it's pretty certain that she has his”

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Seuss

"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should i walk by you again?"

"We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are"

"They say nothing's forever; will you be my nothing?"

“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”

“Love is like a Rubix Cube, there are countless numbers of wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter what way you look at it”

"Don't dream your life, live your dreams"


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who da man?

Dwell.. the hell?
Stand back, what's that?

you wish.

I fish.

If I could,
I would.

I can;
be my fan!

No regrets,
just lessons learned.

Oh and hey.. I'm the man.


we don't know what to think.
We don't know whether we should lean left or right,
forwards or backwards,
jump or stoop low,
twist or turn,
whisper or shout.
There's just so many thing we COULD do.
But how are we supposed to know which choice is the correct one?
No matter what we do, we're always going to be left wondering:
"So.. what if?"
WHAT IF that had happened?
WHAT IF that never happened?
WHAT IF I had done that?
WHAT IF she had done that, he had done that, they had done that?
WHAT IF I was...
WHAT IF he had...

freakin' WHAT IF.
I wish that life had a remote control.
We could rewind; and try walking the other path.
See what happens. See that "what if" of the situation.
Sometimes we make the wrong choices. But honestly? We're only human. No one's perfect.
Throughout the entirety of our lives, we will be making mistakes. But at the same time, don't forget that a lot of our choices can be good, too!
We could pause; take some time to think about what we will say or do, think about how we will act.
We could record; all the good memories would be stored in the back of our mind, and whenever we need a little pick-me-up, they'd be there - waiting for us to replay them.
We could mute; because sometimes, there's just those times when you can't stand the world, and you simply want everyone to SHUT UP!
We could change channels; if we didn't like what was going on in our lives, we would be able to change the mood and twist things up.
We could play; plain and simple. The one action we already can do. We could play all the happy moments, and maybe choose only those moments to play.

The one thing we would never chose is the stop button. Hopefully, no matter how down you're feeling, you would never even ponder the idea. If we had all these other buttons, we wouldn't need a stop button. Or would we? Sometimes I wonder which is better.. life with or without a remote?


Hi, my name is Rebecca. Your name cannot be disclosed. And...

I like you (:

You're always really funny - you make me laugh a lot.
You're a complete sweetheart - everything you do makes me smile.
You're smart - who doesn't love intelligence?
You're classic - a great model of how every guy should act.
You're laid back - you're up for any adventures I want to go on.

I have a problem with deciphering friends from more that friends.

I like you, but I don't love you like that.
I love you, but I don't like you like that.

Does that even make sense?

Either way, I'm glad that we are friends (:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I get so high...

as if no one knew this before...
but I get such a high off of laughing.
Once I start, it never stops.
Tonight I was at dinner with my family - classic amazing moments.
Even though I may not always show it, or may not always feel it, I love my family more than words can say.
My mother is the funniest person I know.
She's my hero.
I honestly wish to be like her one day.
My dad's pretty swell too.
I look up to him with pretty much everything.
Although he may be a little slow at times, he can actually
be quite good with helping me. I wish to be like my dad as well.
point is,
there people make me laugh so much.
They remind me of everything I have, and how good my life is.
I've got friends and family who love me, and would do just about anything for me.
Wait.. no.. that's not the point.. entirely.. SORRY! Getting off subject.
Laughing. My absolute favorite thing to do.

I LOVE laughing,
Laughing so much that I cry,
Laughing so much that I feel like I just did 100 crunches.
Laughing so hard I can't even breathe.
Laughing so hard I can't even speak.
I LOVE laughing.

And once it starts, it's not something you can stop.
Just like smiling, it's too contagious. Even to yourself.
If I laugh once, it usually doesn't end for another good 5 or 10 minutes.

There's too many things to enjoy in this life.
Why waste time being sad?

I stay true to the quote of my life:

You've gotta find the right fit.

Sometimes it's hard for us to wear a smile.
Our face is usually just plain.
Not necessarily a frown, but not necessarily a smile.

But who want's a stick face? 

That's simply no fun. :|

It's all about smiling!
Sometimes though, we find it hard to smile.
Usually we smile for a reason.
Sometimes we smile just because.
Personally, I like to smile.
It's my favorite thing to do.
If smiling were a sport, it'd be the one sport I'm good at.

The tough thing about smiling though, is we usually need a reason to smile.
Otherwise we're just standing there with a smile on our face, lookin' kinda dumb.
There's so many things that make me smile.
But most of all, it's my friends.
Friends, friends, friends.
I have the best friends in the world,
there's never a time when I'm with them, and there isn't a smile on my face.

But some people may find it hard to smile.
Most people go through rough times, but some more than others.
Why dwell on something silly, when there's people out there who have it way worse than you?
You simply have to find the right fit.
Just like a pair of good jeans.
You have to find something to smile about.
A day without a smile is a day wasted.
You have to remember that other people won't love you until you love yourself first,
so make sure to love yourself. Give yourself some extra pampering. It's YOUR life.
Spend some time on YOU.
Eveybody needs to feel on top of the world sometimes.
Just remember to smile, and others will smile too.
Smiling is contagious. (:


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jump High Fives

There's this amazing person named Adam.
And this other person named Rebecca.
One day, Adam told Rebecca about something called a "jump high-five".
Rebecca, not knowing what it was, was intrigued by thought of jumping and high-five-ing at the same time.
Little did she know the power of a jump high-five, and how much it would improve her life.
So while talking on facebook chat one day, 
Adam and Rebecca discussed their plan for Rebecca's first jump high-five experience of her life.
The next day, Adam and Rebecca did not see each other at school :O
This was definitely devastating. Just the thought that the jump high-five had to be ... *gasp*.. postponed!!  

Rebecca's birthday was soon approaching, and the next jump high-five was planned for this day. 
Soon she would realize that it was the most amazing birthday present ever. 
So on the 6th day of October, Rebecca walks up to Adam, he stands up, walks over, and the count down for the jump high-five begins...
Adam suddenly jumps and Rebecca is caught in a daze, for she doesn't know what to do, being it is her first time jump high-five-ing. Adam lands back on the ground, and is determined to have a successful jump high-five with Rebecca.
So they try again...
They both jump into the air, the momentum of the jump giving a slight rush of adrenaline. 
And they high five.. mid-jump!
They land back on the ground, the first jump high-five of Rebecca's life a complete success.
Now whenever Adam and Rebecca see each other, it's a ritual. A jump high-five must be performed!!
You seriously have no idea how cool a jump high-five until you've experience one.. 
Rebecca would love to thank Adam for the amazing addition of jump high-fives into her life!
Also for their newly found friendship.

Kisses, baby.

I can say that I have kissed....
  • In a dark alley 
  • On an airplane
  • In a limo
  • On the top of a ferris wheel
  • In a jacuzzi
  • Under water
  • At a dance
  • On a picnic 
  • At the park
  • With icing on my nose
  • On my birthday
  • With whip cream on my face
  • In a movie theater
  • With pop rocks
  • At Universal
  • In the rain
  • At Knott's Scary Farm
  • During sunset
  • On railroad tracks
  • On a couch
  • In a car
  • On a water ride
  • In the dark
  • On a roller coaster 
  • Three people in one night 
  • Someone currently in college
  • Someone currently in high school
  • Someone currently in middle school
I want to kiss....
  • While laying under the stars 
  • Spiderman kiss
  • During sunset at the beach
  • In a pool at night
  • While slow dancing
  • In pouring rain
  • While snuggling on the couch  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Emotion Over Text

Emotion Over A Text Message.
It's hard.
It's hard to transfer what you're trying to say.
You have to account for tone of voice, sarcasm level, pronunciation, and so much more.
Sometimes if you're smart, you can creatively find a way to portray what you're trying to say.


youuu cannn alllllllso add some eeextra letteeers to show that yoooou're dragging your wordssss.

you. can. add. periods. to. the. end. of. each. word. to. make. the. person. read. it. and. sound. funny.

0or lyke yew cain spell thangs kynda rrong sew thut ett is prununced diff'r'ntly.
((just make sure that the person knows that that's what you're doing. otherwise they're gunna think you're really stupid and can't spell. ))

()r y0u c@n u$e $Y/\/\B0L$ && /\/u/\/\B3r$ t() \/\/r!t3 \/\/()Rd$

However you do it, there's most likely a way.
There's also subext *cough cough*
and words in astrics.

But, even with all these ways,
it's still better to just talk in person whenever possible.
There's also over the phone, but then you're
still missing facial expressions (which you can do over text.. well some)
and body language.

I want... a gentleman

I want a boy.
I want a boy who will hold me close.
I want a boy who will pull out my chair.
I want a boy who will tell me I'm pretty when I feel the exact opposite.
I want a boy who will tell me I'm beautiful when I kinda think I look good for once.
I want a boy who will hold my hand when I'm scared.
I want a boy who will be my shoulder to cry on.
I want a boy who will give me a flower, just because he loves me.
I want a boy who will kiss me in a room full of people and not care if people stare.

A boy who has a wild side.
     Someone who can get loose
  and knows how to have
                a good time.
A boy who will grind with me,
   even if it's a school dance
 and teachers are
           Someone who
  won't be lame.
    Someone who will
  make me feel
       like I'm loved.

I want a gentleman.