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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christofer Drew

I just saw
one of my favorite singers of all time today.
Christofer Drew.
Here's the story:
Jocelyn and I (and Stevie.. but he didn't care all that much)
were just at Venice today.
We saw a guy skateboard by,
and Jocelyn tells me if was Christofer Drew.
Obviously, I don't believe her.
But I told her I would need to see his foot to really know.
He has a peace tattoo on his foot.

And the guy who was skateboarding was barefoot, so it wouldn't be TOO hard to find out. Unfortunately, he had already gone by. And I wasn't gunna be a creep and chase after him.
So we go on our way and do whatever. THEN, we see the skateboarder dude again!
So we go run up to him,
and what do you know.
Peace sign on his foot.
Oh my, I'm three feet away from Christofer Drew.
Jocelyn gets out her camera to take a picture
(because she's doing this thing where she takes pictures of interesting people).
She introduces herself and takes her pic.
Keep in mind that this whole time, Chris didn't get off his skateboard.
He was skateboarding one way and looking back at Jocelyn for the picture,
so he definitely almost fell.
we gotz da proof that we saw Christofer Drew.
My life is just kinda made. (:

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