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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pre-face to Love

I've noticed that my highest viewed blog post has to do with love.
So be expecting a post about love soon! (:

Sunday, March 25, 2012


You might never admit it, but...

Even if only for a day or two,
you now know EXACTLY how I felt this time last year.

It hurt, didn't it?

Monday, March 12, 2012


Half the reason I broke up with you:
I can't stand you.
The other half:
I was scared that I might fall in love with you.

Picture Perfect - Strawberry Whiplash

I'm posting these lyrics because it took me FOREVER to find them and it made me very frustrated. Luckily, I finally found them! Hopefully this will be helpful if you're also looking for the lyrics.
This is an amazing song and it's my newest addiction.
I hope you like it too.

Picture Perfect - Strawberry Whiplash

I love it when you're doing your thing
You're pulling my heart on a string
You're putting me on every day
How you do it, I couldn't say

But you know that I don't mind
And I know well, you're not the cruel kind
Hey, I don't mind, I don't mind

Together alone, when we meet
This town is full of empty streets
A picture perfect postcard place
Hey, I love your face

And you know that I don't mind...


I love it when you're doing your thing...

But you know that I don't mind...


You know, yeah you know,
You know, yeah you know, I don't mind

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raising Money the Hard Way

Raising money is never easy

Today, I learned what it’s like to try and raise money. Why am I trying to raise money? I’m going to Tuscaloosa Alabama this spring vacation with a few of my classmates and it costs each person $1,100 to participate. Through Habitat for Humanity, we are going to be helping those who suffered the effects of the natural disasters that have been happening there recently by building homes. In an effort to lower this cost, we are trying to fundraise money for the trip. Our first effort to raise money was a jog-a-thon. We asked for people to sponsor us while we ran laps for an hour straight. However, I don’t really like asking people for their money, so I only got two sponsors – my grandpa and my aunt. Some of my friends said that they would sponsor me, but none of them actually did, which is fine. 

So anyway, today we stood outside of Whole Foods with an informational booth explaining our mission. We also passed out flyers with information regarding our trip, earthquake preparedness fliers, and a flyer saying that if you go to California Pizza Kitchen (with the flier) on March 12th, 20% of your purchase will go to the funding of our trip. 

There were lots of people who walked right by us when we tried to talk to them, pretending like we weren’t even there. There were also those who politely said “No, thank you” and walked on… along with those who said it not-so-politely. However, we did get a few people to donate which made us feel accomplished. And for those who didn’t have the time or money to donate, we gave them our fliers (if they didn’t turn them down). 

This experience of trying to represent our cause helped me to understand what it’s like to stand outside a store for a few hours, trying to get people’s attention. Usually if I see people in front of a store, and I’m with my parents, I just walk away because I know my parents don’t like me “talking to strangers”. However, when I’m by myself or with friends, I do make an effort to talk to these people. They’re putting their time and effort into informing the public and asking for donations, so I feel it’s nice to give them my time as well. 

The most entertaining part was to see how people react when someone is trying to talk to them.