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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Morse Code

Going back and reading some of  my old blog posts... I kinda wished I didn't write so cryptically. Sometimes I can remember my posts like I wrote them yesterday and sometimes I'm like lolwtf.

Online Dating vs The Real World

How to find cute guys, or as my mom would say, "charming" guys. Because it's not about looks, it's about personality.

So here's how I go about finding the perfect people:

I brought cereal and milk to work so I could save time and eat there.
Got to work. Poured a bowl of cereal, only to find bugs crawling around in the cereal... great.

Just my luck.
At least it wasn't as bad as the last time I brought cereal and milk somewhere - the milk ended up spilling in my backpack, conveniently ruining my paycheck. Still haven't gotten a new one and the next pay period is coming up. I should probably work on that..

Anywho. No cereal called for a Trader Joes run since it's only about a 3 minute drive from my work.

Clocked out on my lunch break and off to the store I went. Got my cereal. Went to the express line. Realized that it was gonna take way longer than the line that had a person finishing up their purchases with no one waiting behind them. Went to that line. Got a cute - ahem - charming cashier who was probably about my age. He saw that I was wearing my high school's sweater and asked if I still went there. We laughed about how LOL NOPE I'm actually going into my third year of college. Thank the lordie I'm not in high school anymore. He said: "Man, I was thinking I must be old if you're still in high school". I then asked him where he went and he said he went to SAMO, making sure to inform me that his school hated mine. Cue laughter. It wasn't the longest conversation ever seeing as all I got was cereal, so my check out time was about .3 seconds. But it was super fun just meeting someone naturally and enjoying a quick laugh with a nice person.

I had previously come to the conclusion that meeting people in real life is way cooler than meeting them virtually in a slightly pathetic way, but I still succumb to lame dating apps as a form of entertainment... Even though I'm fully aware that going out in the real world and meeting people is way better.

Although, the guy I just met on OKCupid isn't half bad... maybe online dating is a more convenient way of finding out who is single, who isn't, and who wants to get their groove on. Just an idea.