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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Grinch

Hi, my name is Rebecca but let me change to my alter ego of the Christmas Grinch right quick.
Christmas is definitely one of the greatest holidays when you're little - free stuff wrapped up so that the anticipation of the gift is so great - who doesn't love that?! Legos, blocks, clothes, slippers, beyblades, craft kits.. what else could you want?!
Now, don't get me wrong, Christmas is still great when you're older and start to realize that Christmas is about giving just as much as it is about receiving. I love putting together gifts for my friends and completing random acts of kindness - anything to make someone smile.
But as you get older, you realize that you don't really need anything for Christmas. Because of how our society works, you pretty much already get whatever you want whenever you want it. Instant gratification, because that's what us Americans are about, right?!
Being older, in my first year of college, and depending as most I can on only my money not my parents' money, buying gifts for Christmas gets harder. Also, I feel like last year was a dud. I got ten of my closest friends a little piece of jewelry each, which, by itself doesn't cost that much, but after you buy for ten people....
I couldn't see them that day so I dropped it off at the location they were all at - wrapped and everything - and no one, not one of them, said thank you. I'd like to think that maybe somehow the gifts didn't get to them.. but that's very unlikely. I don't know what happened but it really discouraged me this year when buying presents. I spent all the time in the world personalizing those gifts for them and taking forever to chose between necklaces, bracelets, rings -- sizes, colors, etc...
Anywho. Getting off track.
Now let's get to this Christmas.
I started feeling sick about 3 days ago. I got a cough but didn't think much of it. Two nights ago I tossed and turned ALL DAMN NIGHT and didn't get a wink of sleep. My mom finally gave me pain medicine at 7:30 or 8 in the morning, and I napped the whole day through. If you know anything about me, you know that my least favorite thing is being productive. But it's not like I would have been able to do anything - I had a pinging headache and fever all day and night. So that was that. The day before Christmas Eve wasted but whatever - it's just one day. Yesterday my mom took me to the doctor (which I find almost pointless because they never do anything, anyway) and he told me to take  medicine and drink tea. Thanks, doc, nothing I would have done on my own -_- but my mom made a point, at least he made sure I didn't have strep throat, otherwise he would have given me antibiotics. Then he gave me a recipe for a special type of tea I'm supposed to  make and drink three times a day. My mom made it! For herself. I STRONGLY dislike when she does that. Mom, you're not the one who's sick! If you're going to make some for yourself, at least make some for me, who it was intended for /: grrrr. Then that night I had to go to a family dinner at my grandma's house and listen to how "all of us were raised atheist so this is just a time for thanks" as I sit next to her housekeeper who's wearing a crucifix. Did I mention her housekeeper, my little brother and myself were sitting at the kid's table with 5 kids from ages 4-10? The last thing I wanted to do with my headache. And I felt so bad for her housekeeper - WHAT THE HELL?! It sucks enough for me to be at the kids table but her? Really? Wow. Just wow.
Then last night I had my dad take me to CVS so we could get NyQuil because that's THE LAST thing my mom will get me. C'mon mom, I didn't sleep for 5 seconds yesterday and you'll give me your pain medication.. but not the stuff in the isles at CVS... anyway. Took that. Didn't knock out "right away" but I eventually did fall asleep which was awesome :D ... until I had a dream about peeing in my bed and actually peed in my bed... at 5.. and couldn't fall back asleep /:
Then brunch this morning with my parents. My mom was being immature as usual and walking in the street to avoid walking on the sidewalk next to my dad.. really? Then when we were eating, I'm generally the one to keep the conversation flowing but I just didn't feel like it today because my head was hurting too much (woke up with a 101.4 fever). So THAT was awkwardly silent.. of course.
Then we went to my grandparents' house where my kindergarten and first grade age cousins got ipads for christmas. And I got shampoo and conditioner. Not that I'm complaining - I really didn't need anything this year. But seriously. What are they going to do with iPads?!
Then we went back home and my mom had me take my sheets off my top bunk bed because, of all the things I do for her, she can't help me out when I'm sick and have a huge headache. So after doing that, I decided to write this Grinch-like post about how great these past few days have been.
So now that you know my whole life story... I'm going to nap now because this screen isn't helping my head at all. Sorry this blog isn't thorough and I'm sure it's plentiful with grammatical errors and details, but I can't think right now. Just needed to get that off my mind.
Sorry for the pessimism, but I'm a growing girl growing in my experiences and realizing Christmas can't always be perfect.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


One of my biggest passions is striving to reach equality.

I like to give everything a try. I've played basketball, soccer, softball, water polo, etc. 
I've danced flamenco, Polynesian dance, jazz, tap, ballet, theatrical, etc. 
I've swam, played video games, ping pong, croquet, raced cars, rode dirt bikes, wake boarded, water skied, snow boarded, snow skied, inner tubed in water, inner tubed in snow, sledded, etc. 
I've played poker, texas hold 'em, yahtzee, monopoly, sorry, life, etc. 
I've learned to sew, knitt, crochet, etc. 
I've baked, cooked, diced, chopped, julienned, marinated, peeled, etc. 
I've gone to the gym, lifted weights, done push ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.
I've gone to church, celebrated Chanukah, ate Brazilian food, had escargot, spoken Spanish, been to Costa Rica, helped Habitat for Humanity, etc. 
I've mowed the lawn, dug holes with shovels, trimmed trees, tilled soil, built a cement wall, chopped wood, hammered nails, screwed screws, used a nail gun, etc. 
I've gone to school, taken advanced classes, created posters, participated in extracurriculars. 
I've volunteered with children, elderly, teenagers, adults, insane asylum patients, Alzheimer patients, etc.
That's only to name a few things I've done.

And still, you think you're my superior. Why?
Because I'm a girl. 
But you know what? I'm just the same as you and you're just the same as me. 
What have I done or not done that makes you any better than me?
What makes you THAT much better than me?
What makes ME unable to do what you do?
What am I missing?

If you think I'm short on determination, think again.
I am a very determined person.
Maybe I'm not as strong as you. Maybe I'm not as smart as you.
But I sure will try my damned hardest to be the best I can be.