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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pet Peeve: Lack of Oral Hygiene

I used to think I didn't have any pet peeves.
And then I realized how much little things can annoy me.
So here's to being pessimistic and writing about the things that annoy me! Yay!
I only think of these things as they come up, so they'll probably be just as sporadic as my blog posts.. ahhh I know I'm awful about keeping up with posts, sorry about that/: So let's get started!

Pet Peeve Number One: Oral Hygiene. Rather, lack thereof.
Let me start by explaining my oral hygiene routine to you.
Wake up in the morning.
First thing I do is brush my teeth/retainer.
Morning breath already sucks so much butt, but retainer morning breath sucks even more.
Then I brush my tongue. Most germs populate on your tongue and that's where most of the bad smell comes from. Mostly, I brush my teeth to get rid of plaque and I brush my tongue to get rid of the smell. Of course there's more too it, but that's a nice, easy way of putting it.

Next. Randomly during the day.
Sometimes I'll brush my teeth midday. Mostly I brush my teeth during the day if I have something coming up where I have to talk to someone up close and personal. I have a fear of having bad breath and talking to someone and them having to smell my bad breath.
Eeeep. I'm already getting into why this is my pet peeve. Bad Rebecca. Back to my routine.

Before I go to bed, I floss my teeth. For some time now I've been using flossers. They're pretty convenient and they sell them at the 99 cents store. Yaaay cheapness! I also just think they're easier to use than normal floss. Normal floss is so 2000-laaaaate. Then I brush my teeth and tongue. Love me some tongue brushing. Then I wear my retainer. Some times. I should wear it all the time, but I don't. Just when I feel like it. Or when my mouth isn't cut up from unknown causes. Actually, now that I think about it, it's my retainer that cuts my mouth up. Which is why I don't wear it too often. Just when I feel my teeth are to the point where they're gunna start going cray if I don't retain them.


Okay so.. this is actually kind of a depressing story. But at least it got me to change my ways.
Let me take you back to 7th grade. I was one of those kids who hated brushing their teeth. I thought it was kind of pointless. As far as I could see, I didn't have any cavities, so all was good. And when I ate my cereal in the morning, I couldn't taste my morning breath afterward. Just the Cinnamon Life Cereal taste remained in my mouth.
Or at least, that's what I thought.
Now let's go to school.
English class with Ms. A.
I still remember exactly where I was sitting when my friend Violet told me straight to my face that my breath smelled and that I should chew on some gum if I had any. I didn't. So the rest of that day was torturous. I think it's probably safe to say that I was scared for the rest of my life.
And now, I'm addicted to gum and good hygiene.. which I can't say is a bad thing.
I love gum. Not even because it can make your breath smell better.
... Okay that was a lie. I chew gum a lot to ensure the freshest of breath.
I also just love chewing gum. And drinking water, which, helps neutralize your breath when it smells bad. Fun fact! So if your breath smells awful and you don't have gum, try to drink lots of water and it could help a little bit. But if you're breath smells really bad, just brush your damn teeth. And your tongue. Never forget to brush your tongue.

I think that just might be the reason why a lot of people have breath issues. I don't think everyone knows or realizes that your tongue contributes to the smelliness of your mouth. By a lot.

So even if you've brushed your tongue, that probably won't be good enough for me. BRUSH YOUR DAMN TONGUE.

And floss your damn teeth. And when you brush them, actually spend enough time brushing them. Don't leave yellow plaque on your teeth. *cringes*. And brush your gum line to prevent inflammation. I had braces for 7 years, so I know a thing or two about inflamed gums. I also know how much it sucks to not be able to floss easily or brush your teeth well. So now that I don't have braces, flossing and brushing are my favorite things to do! Well maybe not my FAVORITE things to do.. but it's pretty far up there on my "things I love to do" list. Not that I have one.. cuz I actually don't.. awk.. anyway...

I just got super distracted and got up to get some water and came back and now my train of thought is gone. Which is probably fine because, for being a rant on oral hygiene, this is already way too long. And I was probably about to add a lot more. But I think I'm good for now. I got out what I need to say.
So remember, brush your teeth twice and day and remember to floss! And most importantly.. you tongue. Brush it.
And now I'm not sure how to end this post because I'm so frazzled from getting up to get water.
So I'm going to end it really poorly by saying kaythanksbye with a bunch of explanation marks.