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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Confession of a teenage girl #2: Infatuation at first sight?

I was in "infatuation with you" when I first laid eyes on you.
Found your facebook. (Yes, in the most creepy "I-just-met-you-im-gunna-fb-stalk-you" way.)
Found out some pretty disappointing things about you...
My "infatuation at first sight" has diminished.
That's why I don't believe in "love at first sight".
I can't even believe in infatuation at first sight,
so that love stuff could never be true.
You were really cute.

I guess I can always wait till the next time I see you, though.
What I said was kinda just judging a book by it's cover.
Who knows.
You were really sweet to me when we met,
so maybe you're not half bad (:

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