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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Career Test

I was accepted into the college I want to go to
for a major in Business.
Because, at the time, I didn't know what I wanted to do.
And business seemed like a safe place to start.
So that's how I applied to colleges.
With a business major.

Later on,
I realize that I really want to be a teacher.
For little kids.
Especially those with learning disabilities/those who need special education.
That what I want to do.

And then I remembered,
when I was younger, I aspired to be a cosmetologist.
But that dream got ruined when I realized I'm not as good as other people at make up.
And I don't have that many make-up brushes.
And my hair bleaching skills aren't as good as I thought they were.
So I gave up my dream.

art. Art is like perfection that threw up everywhere.
There are so many options in art. You can be yourself in art.
Everything is art. Even bad art is art. I wish I were good at art.
Because then I'd do art.

So today,
I took a career test.
And I realized...
All I really want to do,
is cook. And bake. And chop and dice and ice and blanch and mince and roll and boil.
I really want to be a chef. A pastry chef. A restaurant chef. A cake designer.
God, I'd do anything to be a chef.
And go to culinary school.
But here I am.
Stuck with business.
I don't like business.
There are fifty things I like more than business.

It's a good thing I'm young.


  1. where did you get in to college?!
    I didn't get in to my top choice.
    Miss you!

  2. I'm going to Sonoma State University! who is this? (:

  3. I'm actually just an admirer of your blog.
    My friend and I read it & love it.
    check out mine

  4. My name is Alissa.

  5. Ahhh that's awesome! Real people like my blog :'D haha you honestly just made my day. Thank you so much (: I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a long time o: I'll work on that. What was your top choice? And I'm definitely gunna go check out your blog

  6. I actually go to University of Maryland.
    It's great.
    Lemme know what you think of our blog,
    just stupid college stuff.