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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


One of my biggest passions is striving to reach equality.

I like to give everything a try. I've played basketball, soccer, softball, water polo, etc. 
I've danced flamenco, Polynesian dance, jazz, tap, ballet, theatrical, etc. 
I've swam, played video games, ping pong, croquet, raced cars, rode dirt bikes, wake boarded, water skied, snow boarded, snow skied, inner tubed in water, inner tubed in snow, sledded, etc. 
I've played poker, texas hold 'em, yahtzee, monopoly, sorry, life, etc. 
I've learned to sew, knitt, crochet, etc. 
I've baked, cooked, diced, chopped, julienned, marinated, peeled, etc. 
I've gone to the gym, lifted weights, done push ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.
I've gone to church, celebrated Chanukah, ate Brazilian food, had escargot, spoken Spanish, been to Costa Rica, helped Habitat for Humanity, etc. 
I've mowed the lawn, dug holes with shovels, trimmed trees, tilled soil, built a cement wall, chopped wood, hammered nails, screwed screws, used a nail gun, etc. 
I've gone to school, taken advanced classes, created posters, participated in extracurriculars. 
I've volunteered with children, elderly, teenagers, adults, insane asylum patients, Alzheimer patients, etc.
That's only to name a few things I've done.

And still, you think you're my superior. Why?
Because I'm a girl. 
But you know what? I'm just the same as you and you're just the same as me. 
What have I done or not done that makes you any better than me?
What makes you THAT much better than me?
What makes ME unable to do what you do?
What am I missing?

If you think I'm short on determination, think again.
I am a very determined person.
Maybe I'm not as strong as you. Maybe I'm not as smart as you.
But I sure will try my damned hardest to be the best I can be.

1 comment:

  1. if you're talking about equality,
    you should use "mental health hospital"
    not insane asylum.
    With equality comes politics,
    with politics comes being politically correct.
    Insane asylum was used back when society
    completely shunned those who were mentally ill.
    Being shunned, they too were thought of as inferior,
    Because of a chemical imbalance
    or whatever caused their illness.
    Not trying to "scold" you or anything,
    just trying to make you more aware.
    (There's no way you should be expected to know this stuff,
    especially when in the media mental health hospitals
    are referred to as horribly scary places.)
    It's simply a lack of awareness which causes people
    to think they are superior to others.
    Often times people don't even realize they are treating
    others disrespectfully or in your situation in an inferior way.
    Even a simple vocabulary word can make one seem as if they
    think they are better than others.
    Equality is hard to achieve,
    maybe even impossible.
    Actually it is quite impossible.
    You can't treat everyone equal,
    because everyone is different.
    Everyone needs certain accommodations.
    I don't think equality is something people should fight for,
    I think understanding is what is needed.
    With understanding (and love, generosity, etc)
    many problems in our society would vanish.
    Hope this is thought provoking.