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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Soul Mate (Free Write)

Is there such thing as a soul mate?
If there is... I want one.
Or do I already have one?

When I was little I used to always think that everybody had a match.. a perfect match.. a soul mate. 
And the minute you saw them, you'd be like "WOW. That's the one."
And you'd wanna spend your wholeeee entire life with them.
You guys would play together, laugh together, have fun together, be silly together...
but most of all,
you'd be in love.
And you'd know it.

It would be easy to tell who you were in love with.
Cuz there's only one person meant for another person.

But no.
You grow up - you move on.
You have crushes. 
You date.
You fall in love... IS IT THE ONE?!
No. You have your heart broken.
Then you repeat.
It's a never ending process.

Until you finally find the one. 
THE one.

But how are you supposed to know it's the one?
How do you know?
There's no arrow pointing to them saying "HEY LOOKS ITS ME! I'M MEANT FOR YOU!"
No. Instead, they're just an average Joe in jeans,
and it's your job to find out if you're in love with them.

You fall in and out of love.
They make you laugh. They make you cry.
But isn't that love?

If love were easy, it'd be a prostitute.
But love's not easy - it's a club, and you have to find your prostitute.
(Like my little made-up analogy there, huh? Yea me neither.. :p )

You live and you learn.

Me? I'm stuck in the middle.
I'm over here wondering
"Is it love? Or is it lust?"

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  1. you need to do more freewrites. this was really good and im bored a lot :P