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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blue Hair

Here's my weekend story in a nut-shell.

Friday - AMAZING SPUR OF THE MOMENT IDEA. "Color all my hair blue!"
Went through with it. Colored my hair blue.
Saturday - Rockin' the blue hair.
Sunday (today) - Bought stuff to remove the blue color from my hair without having to use straight up bleach. Used it. My hair now has green randomly spread out throughout my hair.
Bought hair extensions to wrap around my head so you can't see the green colored hair. Pretty much a make-it-yourself wig. Just a lot cheaper than a real wig.
Monday - I have school. I'm not allowed to have colored hair at school. Wigs on the other hand... we'll see what goes down.

I'll probably just end up coloring my hair normal for tomorrow. OR MAYBE I'LL BE WEARING THE WIG AND YOU'LL THINK IT'S REAL.

Hair dye: $8
Hair dye removal: $8
Hair extensions: $15
(Normal color) Hair color box: $8

Total: $39 for a weekend of blue hair.

Worth it? YES.
Actually, probably not.
Oh well.

~I can't learn from other peoples' "mistakes", I can only learn from my own~

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