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Friday, August 5, 2011

I did it!

I got my haircut today! The haircut that I have been waiting for forever to get.
$65 and one&a half hours later,
here I am.
My stylist did an amazing job and took such a perfectionists' note to detail.
I know $65 is kinda pricey for haircut, but I don't regret it in the least. It was worth every last penny.

My stylist's name was Kylene and she's the assistant manager at Carlton Hair.
She's also a senior stylist, so you know she's good.
The desk assistant recommended her to me because she's good with short haircuts.
Damn straight she's good with short haircuts!
I absolutely love my hair.
It makes me feel a lot freer and like a stronger woman (and hella more ballsy). 

My older brother who loves to criticize me says that I look like a lesbian.
Which just reminds me that people will be ignorant and not everyone will like my haircut.
Some people might even make fun of me (my brother being the first.)
But oh well. I'm strong enough to not care about people's negative opinions toward me.
Plus, everyone else besides him has liked it so far.
And I LOVE it.

"Grow a pair, cut your hair" <3

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  1. ahhhhh!! im excited to see you with your brand new hair ;D