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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Restaurant: A

Aroma Cafe.
What kind of food is it?: Mediterranean food. 

Description of the restaurant:6 small indoor tables. Ranging from 3 seats to 6.
Outdoor seating in a cute little patio with flower pots.

They ranged from $6 for a kebab and mini salad, to $24 for a combo plate (which included beef patties, kebabs, and shish kebabs).
Drinks averaged at $3
Desserts at about $5

There was only one waitress, who was also working the counter. The service was kinda slow because of this, but not incredibly slow, considering as there was only one chef.

It was mostly an older crowd.
There was nice music playing in the background.

My order:
I ordered a shish kebab, which came with a small Greek salad, and a cappuccino.
The food was good and the cappuccino was nice and strong. They were small portion sizes, but just enough to fill someone up. There was also warm bread served, which was very tasty.

There was a cute little shopping corner, which had imported products from Bulgaria and places in that area. There was tea, chocolates, crackers, pickles, sugar cubes, and other native foods of Bulgaria.

Do I recommended this restaurant?:

I'd say yes, but only if you're looking for a little not-well-known place to eat and talk.
It was a small, quite little restaurant that I'm guessing usually has mostly the same people.
It was a nice experience overall. 

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