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Saturday, April 23, 2011

BEDA Day 16: Guest Blogger

Day 16: Guest Blogger–Take a day off. Find a guest blogger for the day!

Lately I’ve been having pretty bad cases of déjà vu. It has come to the point where I’m getting it at least twice a day. I want to believe that I’m psychic, but I know that my mind is just playing games with me. The thing about the human mind (specifically memory) is that it is constantly playing tricks on us. What we think is a real memory may in fact be distorted as we look back at it. The most noted belief on déjà vu is that it’s just a distorted memory. Something we thought we saw before, but really had never seen. It’s all made up. We may have been in a situation similar to the déjà vu, but we change it in our heads to match what we see. (Our brains also have problems with noticing small changes when so used to seeing something common because we blindly accept it to still be the same). While researching déjà vu I also came upon jamais vu meaning “never seen.” It’s the opposite of déjà vu and a form of amnesia. Along with this is Presque vu, meaning “almost seen” which is close to the idea of having something on the “tip of your tongue.”
I don’t really know why I needed to discuss this, but it’s just fascinating to think of all these gaps in our minds. Hard to believe we get anything out at all.
“When I first saw you it felt like déjà vu of a dream I wished to keep. As life goes on it becomes jamais vu, a gap in memory. Now a Presque vu so close and nearly touched. But just another déjà vu my mind wanted to make up.”

- Thank you Adam (:

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