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Monday, April 4, 2011


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm aware that I never finished my November challenge. 
I'm on day 25 of that. Almost done.
I'm just gunna try to do this one for April.
Then maybe I'll finish the one I started in November.
Here we go.

Day 1: BEDA Intro–Up to you how to intro yourself.
Day 2: Day in Haiku–Write about your day in haiku (short 3-line poem w/ 5-7-5 syllable pattern)
Day 3: Crushes–Celebrity, literary (author/character), musician, actors, intellectual, inexplicable
Day 4: Best Advice–That piece of advice you got that you’ll never forget
Day 5: If I won the lottery–What would you do? Finish the statement.
Day 6: Best Live Entertainment–Describe the best live entertainment (theatre, concert, comedy, etc.) you’ve ever experienced
Day 7: TILT–Things I Love Thursday, BEDA tradition where you talk about what you loved that week
Day 8: Follow Friday–Suggest a blog you follow
Day 9: Photo Essay–No words. Just pics. Tell us a story. Take us on a tour. Show us something pretty.
Day 10: Off Your Chest–Get something off your chest: your pet peeves, opinions, rants
Day 11: Dream Vacation–If you could go anywhere or do anything with anyone..what would you do?
Day 12: Brain Crack Ideas–What are those great ideas or inventions you have but haven’t made happen? Your million dollar ideas.
Day 13: Fave Recipe–Doesn’t have to be something you make. Grandma’s cookies? Mom’s casserole?
Day 14: TILT–Things I Love Thursday
Day 15: Follow Friday–Suggest a YouTube channel or video you love
Day 16: Guest Blogger–Take a day off. Find a guest blogger for the day!
Day 17: This I Believe–What’s your personal motivation in life?
Day 18:
Top Ten List–You pick the topic, then make it a Top Ten List
Day 19:
Book Review–You pick the book, review it.
Day 20: How To (Anything)–You pick the topic, show or tell us how to do it.
Day 21: TILT–Things I Love Thursday
Day 22: Follow Friday–Suggest a Twitter personality you enjoy
Day 23: Interview Someone–You pick a person real or fictional and interview them.
Day 24: Holiday Traditions–You pick the holiday, and tell us your traditions.
Day 25: Ideal Karaoke Mix–You have an entire karaoke evening to yourself, what’s your set list?
Day 26: I Never…–You know the game. What’s something you’ve never done?
Day 27: Movie Ending Rewrite–Rewrite your favorite movie’s ending…for better or worse. Up to you.
Day 28: TILT–Things I Love Thursday
Day 29: Follow Friday–Suggest a website you adore
Day 30: BEDA Wrap-up–Wrap up your BEDA experience however you feel is best

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