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Friday, April 29, 2011

Photoshop Perfect Magazines

I've always loved photoshop
because you can alter reality.
You can also make cool creations,
make things 3-D, and a whole bunch of neat stuff.

But it seems as if the biggest use for photoshop now
is to make people seem pretty and flawless.

If you use different filters,
you can also make pictures look worse,
although nobody would want to do that.

Except me.

Same picture. 
Different filters.
Not exactly flattering.
The top left is the original picture,
top right is HDR,
bottom left is infrared,
and bottom right is made to look Holga-esque.
In the HDR and infrared picture, you can pretty much see every freckle,
every imperfection,
every flaw.

Why don't they use these types of filters on magazine covers?
How about, instead of trying to convince us that all these people are gorgeous and haven't a flaw in the world,
show us that they are actually NOT perfect? Just like us.
Instead, they use pictures that look more like the Holga-esque one, which are slightly more white-balanced and look slightly less flawed.

I'm not perfect.
No one is.
Reality is,
no one is the photoshop perfect that you find on magazines.

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