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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tumblr - Day 06

Day 06: 
Favorite super hero and why.

I honestly don't really have a favorite super hero. And I don't wanna be a poser and be like "OH EM GEE I TOTALLY LOVE SUPERMAN BECAUSE HE'S SO COOL!" or something like that. But if I had to choose a super hero, I'd choose my daddy. He is a real-life super hero. He started Jr. Lifeguard in his  teenage years. I don't know how old he was when he started fire-fighting, but he did that too. For a while he did both jobs, but then he stopped lifeguard-ing and because a full(er)-time firefighter. Both the jobs that he chose as careers involve risking his life to save others. He's better than superman or batman - he's my daddy(:
I'm super lucky to have this wonderful person as my dad. He is my favorite hero. (: 

(He is still a full-time fireman; he is at work for 24 hours every other day. He's starting to realize that he's not as strong/full of energy as he used to be in his younger days. I feel bad for the guy because he tells me how his back hurts him and such. Fire-fighting is not something that just anyone can do. All the smoke you inhale from the fires is bad to breathe and it affects your lungs and your health. All those burning materials aren't meant to be in your system. It takes a truly brave person to rush into a burning building and try to save someone's life. But that's not the only thing they do - it's not all just fires. My dad's had a lot of fun telling me about stories where he had to go into someones backyard and catch the rattle snake, save birds out of a chimney, and lots of other interesting and random stuff. Oh, did you know my dad drove Michael Jackson to the hospital? Just a little fact. I was out of town at the time with my friends. We had just arrived at our hotel, and I was supposed to call my mom but I forgot. We turned on the TV and the first thing we saw was the ambulance driving Michael to the hospital. I would never had guessed that I, along with THOUSANDS of other people, were all watching my dad on TV. Can't believe I didn't recognize the station number on the truck. He had just moved to station 51 from somewhere in Porter Ranch. But yea, fun story :p )

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