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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Young Love

My mom just found an old photo-book from middle school/high school composed of school
pictures her friends gave her.
There was a particular one from a second-grade boy:

" Roses are red, violets are blue, sidewalks are cracked, and you are too. Love always, Brett Heron" 

Uhm... yea.
I'm kinda surprised my mom married that boy. haha

That's crazy to me. 

Crazily adorable.
I hope that when I grow up,
I still have a little piece of something to remember the man I marry from when we were little kids.
Unless, of course, we meet after college or something.
Not as cool,
but still.
The longer you're married, the more amazing it is.
I'm insanely jealous of a love so real that you want to stay with that person for the rest of your life.
Call me a hopeless romantic (although I do have some reality checks), but
that's the one thing I want to find most in life - true love.

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