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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jump High Fives

There's this amazing person named Adam.
And this other person named Rebecca.
One day, Adam told Rebecca about something called a "jump high-five".
Rebecca, not knowing what it was, was intrigued by thought of jumping and high-five-ing at the same time.
Little did she know the power of a jump high-five, and how much it would improve her life.
So while talking on facebook chat one day, 
Adam and Rebecca discussed their plan for Rebecca's first jump high-five experience of her life.
The next day, Adam and Rebecca did not see each other at school :O
This was definitely devastating. Just the thought that the jump high-five had to be ... *gasp*.. postponed!!  

Rebecca's birthday was soon approaching, and the next jump high-five was planned for this day. 
Soon she would realize that it was the most amazing birthday present ever. 
So on the 6th day of October, Rebecca walks up to Adam, he stands up, walks over, and the count down for the jump high-five begins...
Adam suddenly jumps and Rebecca is caught in a daze, for she doesn't know what to do, being it is her first time jump high-five-ing. Adam lands back on the ground, and is determined to have a successful jump high-five with Rebecca.
So they try again...
They both jump into the air, the momentum of the jump giving a slight rush of adrenaline. 
And they high five.. mid-jump!
They land back on the ground, the first jump high-five of Rebecca's life a complete success.
Now whenever Adam and Rebecca see each other, it's a ritual. A jump high-five must be performed!!
You seriously have no idea how cool a jump high-five until you've experience one.. 
Rebecca would love to thank Adam for the amazing addition of jump high-fives into her life!
Also for their newly found friendship.

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