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Saturday, October 16, 2010


we don't know what to think.
We don't know whether we should lean left or right,
forwards or backwards,
jump or stoop low,
twist or turn,
whisper or shout.
There's just so many thing we COULD do.
But how are we supposed to know which choice is the correct one?
No matter what we do, we're always going to be left wondering:
"So.. what if?"
WHAT IF that had happened?
WHAT IF that never happened?
WHAT IF I had done that?
WHAT IF she had done that, he had done that, they had done that?
WHAT IF I was...
WHAT IF he had...

freakin' WHAT IF.
I wish that life had a remote control.
We could rewind; and try walking the other path.
See what happens. See that "what if" of the situation.
Sometimes we make the wrong choices. But honestly? We're only human. No one's perfect.
Throughout the entirety of our lives, we will be making mistakes. But at the same time, don't forget that a lot of our choices can be good, too!
We could pause; take some time to think about what we will say or do, think about how we will act.
We could record; all the good memories would be stored in the back of our mind, and whenever we need a little pick-me-up, they'd be there - waiting for us to replay them.
We could mute; because sometimes, there's just those times when you can't stand the world, and you simply want everyone to SHUT UP!
We could change channels; if we didn't like what was going on in our lives, we would be able to change the mood and twist things up.
We could play; plain and simple. The one action we already can do. We could play all the happy moments, and maybe choose only those moments to play.

The one thing we would never chose is the stop button. Hopefully, no matter how down you're feeling, you would never even ponder the idea. If we had all these other buttons, we wouldn't need a stop button. Or would we? Sometimes I wonder which is better.. life with or without a remote?

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