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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Promise me, baby.

What am I gunna do with you?
I know. I already know.
I can't leave you. I can't.
What if I were you?
No. I can't. You're staying right here, with me.
I don't even know your name, but I love to say it.
I haven't seen your face, but I know you're beautiful.
I have never spoken with you in my whole life,
but I know you sound like an angel.
I know nothing about you, but I know everything.
You're mine. I'm yours.
You're gunna make my life hell,
but your life won't be easy, either.
Just promise me you won't be ashamed of me.
Promise me you'll back me up in my decision.
Be my bestfriend, I'll be yours.
Our love for each other will be the strongest bond you'll ever experience.
In you, I see myself. 
We share the same heart.
We share the same blood.
We share the same flesh.
We are one.
I'll be with you all the way,
I'll be here to watch you grow.
I'll do anything for you.
I can't promise your first years with me will be great,
but I can promise to try.

I'm keeping you.

I'm keeping you, baby.

Mama's keeping her baby.

I, myself, am not pregnant. Although these would be some of the thoughts of a pregnant teenage girl who wants to keep her baby. On a side note, if you read this without reading the last line or looking at the picture, it could also be about a relationship.

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