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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

With You

I can't tell if you really don't know or if you're just playing along... cliche, but this suspense is killing me!
It must be fun for you to kill me slowly, but I guess I can't always get the immediate gratification we desire as humans. I could potentially be making an uneducated mistake, or maybe I'm making a great choice. Either way, I hope I don't screw things up, like I usually do.

I'm diving off the deep end,                                         |
and you, my dear, are too.                                         |  |
We both don't know what to think,                          |     |
we both don't know what to do.                              |       |
Maybe I like the idea of liking you, 
or maybe I like you, it's true.
I'm diving off the deep end,
something I always do.
I'm diving off the deep end,                                     |       |
but I'm doing it with you.                                         |      |
Whether it be right,                                                   |    |
or whether it be wrong,                                              |  |
let's just hope that                                                       | |
we're not risking it all.                                                  |
I know how to swim,
and you do too,
so if we sink,
I'll rescue you.
Rescue me, 
and you might see,
that this was never meant to be.
But either way,
for now let's stay,
cuz I'm diving off the deep end,
with you.

-------- _--------------- -----_____________-----------------

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