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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kisses, baby.

I can say that I have kissed....
  • In a dark alley 
  • On an airplane
  • In a limo
  • On the top of a ferris wheel
  • In a jacuzzi
  • Under water
  • At a dance
  • On a picnic 
  • At the park
  • With icing on my nose
  • On my birthday
  • With whip cream on my face
  • In a movie theater
  • With pop rocks
  • At Universal
  • In the rain
  • At Knott's Scary Farm
  • During sunset
  • On railroad tracks
  • On a couch
  • In a car
  • On a water ride
  • In the dark
  • On a roller coaster 
  • Three people in one night 
  • Someone currently in college
  • Someone currently in high school
  • Someone currently in middle school
I want to kiss....
  • While laying under the stars 
  • Spiderman kiss
  • During sunset at the beach
  • In a pool at night
  • While slow dancing
  • In pouring rain
  • While snuggling on the couch  


  1. dude...ive done all the ones u want to too plus a bunch from wat u have done....awesome!

  2. make me a list of new ones that i haven't done (: