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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boys. Guys. Dudes.

I love this feeling.
It's almost a feeling of superiority.
Or maybe it's just a nice self-confidence boost. 
I like when I'm having a conversation with my guy friend
and we're talking about this "other girl" who he likes. And by
mid-conversation, I can tell the girl is me. It just puts such a nice
smile on my face to know that a guy likes me. Every once
in a while, I will find out that someone new likes me. 
Someone who I never would have guessed
likes me.. (although sometimes, I can
take the hints). It's a mixture of
being conceited, complacent,
and just being happy while
feeling special and loved. I usually
will get different reasons as to why the
guy likes me. Most of the time, though, 
it's because I'm different than all the other girls. 
In a good way. I consider that an accomplishment!
I don't want to be like the other girls. I don't believe I'm
like them anyway. I am my own person - and I like it. I am 
not like any other person you will meet. Why's that? I am myself. 
And if that's what attracts guys, then why aren't all girls themselves?
Why do girls feel the need to be someone else? To be something they're not.
Sure - being a girl, I can understand. We all want to be something that
we already know is loved and desired - like those girls on the 
covers and filling the pages of those shiny magazines. 
Or like the popular girls who are always gorgeous
and appear to have the perfect lives. But, what
I've learned is: what guys are really looking
for is for you to be yourself. They're
looking for someone who is true.
Not a fake person who is 
trying too hard to be
else. Moral of
the story?
Be yourself.

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