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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facebook - A Place for Stalkers.

I know this is going to sound really odd,
but just listen. (I mean.. just read...)

Have you ever...
 been looking through someone's photos on facebook,
then you see either a pretty person, an ugly person, or an interesting person,
and you look to see if they're tagged. Oh hey! They're tagged.
Closed profile. Dang.
*Continues to look through photos*
Interesting person!
Open profile! Yes!!

Then you look through their photos.

THEN, you will be hanging out with the original friend.. and the friend of theirs who you facebook stalked is with them. So when the original person introduces them to you,
you secretly feel awkward because you already know their name (although you don't actually tell them you already know their name) and you feel like you already know them because you've seen their pictures.

you are randomly just out in public,
and you see some random person who you have facebook stalked before.
It could even go so much to be a friend of a friend. Or a friend of a friend of a friend, who the original friend doesn't even know. I like to call it: connections.

Maybe I'm crazy.
But I feel like I'm not the only one who this has happened to..

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