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Monday, January 3, 2011

I love...

the sound of typing on keyboards.
Aghh. It's so beautiful!!
Mostly only when the person typing can type
well, fast, or at a nice pace without constant breaks.
That's half the reason I like to type on a computer
rather than write on paper. 
All that clinking and clanking,
the harsh sound of someones finger hitting the backspace button,
the loud and interrupting sound of the enter button,
the slowing down in pace when someone is making sure
they're spelling a difficult word correctly.. or maybe that's just me.
Then the pattering noise you make by tapping you fingers (pinky to index) on the keys
without actually pressing on them
while you're thinking of something to write.
Maybe I'm crazy,
but it's just such a nice sound.
It relaxes me and gets my mind off of other things.
Just the sound of typing.
I could type all day.
Just nonsense.
Like I'm doing now.
It's like a stress ball to me.

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