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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Blog of the Year!

GREAT new start to a great new year.
Today was a really great day.
I went on an adventure with my friend and her mom.
We drove to San Pedro and went to the pier.
It was really gorgeous.
Even though it was pretty cold, the cool breeze felt so refreshing on my face.
The smell of the salt water and the different seafoods sizzling on the grill was so nostalgic and delightful.
I wish I could have stayed there forever.
We ordered lunch in a nice little restaurant.

Then we went on a double-decker boat tour.
It was really relaxing.
I did get a little dizzy though, hanging off the sides :b
Then we went back to her house and played video games.
Then I came home and painted three paintings.
Like I said, great day (:

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