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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elevators go up and down.

Not the greatest day I've ever had...
Today had a good beginning. Great beginning, actually.
I got a lot of things accomplished.
I went to school early to practice for mass.
The girl who I'm trying to be friends with again said good-morning to me, which pretty much made my day.
My classes today were very entertaining, and my friends kept me laughing.
During lunch I finished homework in the library and chatted with my friend who was also doing homework. Realized I haven't really had an actual conversation with him for a while. It was really great; lots of laughing.
Then after school, I talked to my friends and he held me in his arms, then kissed my cheek goodbye, which also made my day.
Went to the church and practiced for our concert tomorrow.
Had a friendly scare with one of my "children" (:

Then it starting going downhill.

My mom came into the church before we were done.
When we were done, she got up and walked toward me with a smile on her face saying "ready to go?" and, being the thoughtless teenage-know-it-all that I am, I rudely responded, telling her that I had to find my binder first. I don't know what it is about her that puts me in such a bad mood..
Then I got home, surfed the web for articles to read, replied to formspring comments/questions, and checked facebook.
I was about to start my homework around 8:30pm, when I got told some pretty not-fun stuff.
I'm really bad with coping with bad news, so, as expected, I childishly replied in short sentences and didn't want to input much in the conversation, seeing as my mind was already filled with so many thoughts. I hung up the phone and started crying. He called me back, and I tried to make it seem like I hadn't been crying, although I'm sure my attempt failed.

Then things kinda went back up.

I talked with the other person involved in the situation,
and I think/really hope we both made a fair settlement.
I was glad to have gotten everything off my chest.

My life used to be so easy.
High school really screws that up for people.
You gain some, you lose some.
I'm working on gaining more than I lose, but whatever happens, happens.
I think the way things are going,
I have a generally vertically-increasing looking next few months.

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