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Monday, December 13, 2010

May angels lead you in

In this short period of time,
you've already seen me at my best and at my worst.
And as if it wasn't enough already to have it all thrown in your face at the same time,
you're still standing right by my side.
Sometimes, I kinda wonder why..
am I really that worth it?
Whether or not I am, you make me feel like I am.
Like I'm worth it.
Worth something.
I'm worth something to you.

I want to thank you so much for always being there when I needed a friend,
or sometimes I just needed a smile and a kind "hello".
You've talked me through some interesting and difficult times.
You've been the one I can rely on for advice on just about anything.
I have to admit that I was scared to talk to you at first. Scared to open up to you, and let you in to this thing I call my life.
I was scared to show you my inner thoughts - scared you would run away.
Scared you wouldn't like me anymore if you knew who I really was.
But I took a big leap of faith. I trusted you. And I'm so glad that did, because now I know that I can trust you.
You're such an amazing person, and an even better friend.
I feel selfish that I have the pleasure of having you in my life.
You came at just the right time.
For everything, I thank you.
From the bottom of my heart.

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go.
I never said thank you for that.
I thought I might get one more chance.
What would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.

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