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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Random thought # 11

Guys be hitting on me like damn.
Today alone I had one guy tell me he wanted to snuggle with me,
one guy saying we should get together,
and other saying we should hook up.

Guys... WHY?!
Okay - definitely not letting these things get to my ego.
I'm just curious why some guys are attracted to me.
What is it about me? My face? Body? Personality? What?!
I find it odd how guys always end up asking me about my love life..
then it sometimes gets to the question of whether or not I'm single.
Actually, most the times they don't even bother to ask.
Most guys know that I recently became single,
but they don't know/care to find out if I like someone.

Mehh. Oh well. I just find it interesting.

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