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Friday, December 24, 2010

One dollar

About two hours ago,
I decided to go to the mall to get my dad a Christmas present. 
Before I left the house, I purposely got an extra loose dollar so I could give it to someone who needed it.
After I had chosen what to get my dad, I got in the long line of last-minute-gift-finders like myself.
I ended up having to use the extra dollar for my purchase - just barely having enough money.
I had 21 cents change. Oh well. No one had needed my dollar. 
When I left the bookstore, as soon as I started walking, a guy was standing against the bookstore wall, asking people for a dollar. I was SO mad that I didn't have my dollar anymore. I feel like I KNEW I was going to need that dollar for someone. I should have brought along two extra dollars...
So I walked back home.
After I finished quickly wrapping my dad's Christmas gift,
I rushed out the door with a dollar in my hand.
I went back to the guy, who was still standing there.
I gave him my dollar and said "Merry Christmas". 
He smiled and thanked me.
I feel accomplished.
I feel proud for doing the right thing.
Merry Christmas, everyone. Pass on your dollar to someone in need. 

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