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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A letter for you

To be bluntly honest,
we're two very different people.
Yes, we have things in common.
No, it's not very many things.
we still work.

We're like a magnet.
You're north and I'm south.
Totally different,
yet there's still some sort of force pulling us together.
There's the saying "opposites attract"
and clearly, they do.

Personally I think it would be boring to be with another of my kind. Another "south" magnet.
Although it would be nice, I would get kind of bored doing the same things.
I think it's fun to do new things and experience some other person's idea of fun.
Hopefully you can understand and let me introduce you to new things as well.
I'm not trying to tell you what to do - I would never.
I simply want to introduce you to the things that I think are fun.
If you like them? Cool. If you hate them? No big deal.
But please at least just try them.
It's not opportune to judge a book by it's cover.
What if you had done that with me?
There's no way we'd be friends.

The thing about us is that even though we're different people,
we have pretty similar views on some important things.
We both agree on how friendships and relationships should work which is a definite thumbs up-er.
And even when we don't agree,
you're willing to sacrifice things to make me happy as I am willing to do the same for you.

&&The best thing is that we're there for eachother.
For some reason, I opened up pretty fast to you.
I talk to you the way I would talk to a friend of over a year - not just someone I met the other month.
You're different.
I trust you. 

Even though you know way too much about me compared to what I know about you,
it's mainly just because I'm rediculous.
I'm really excited to see where our travels take us.
I want to learn about you.
I want to help you and be someone you can rely on.
I want to be someone you can talk to.
I want to see you when you're sad and tell you it's alright. 
I want to show you that I'm a good friend.

I'm aware that that's a pretty odd list,
and it might not make sense or be very rational.

But you've already done all those things for me.
I want to return the favor.
Because.. well.. 

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