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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just stop.

this message is directed toward a few people.
Case A:
You're, like, 5 years old. Stop trying to impress my friends with making things up about how sexual you and your little friends are...
You're in what - middle school? First years of high school? Either way, you have the maturity of a 5 year old if you think that it's "cool" to not have your virginity.
Case B:
You don't know him. You met him once through me. You weren't even supposed to be there - it was just a complicated situation and turned out weirdly, so you ended up being there. Stop trying to impress him by using words like "F*ck" and saying things like "Yea I'm gunna get so drunk!"
IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU COOL TO USE CUSS WORDS. Getting drunk or high isn't cool either, so you can stop making bad decisions that are just to impress other people. It's not impressive. On the contrary, it's actually quite repulsive.
Case C:
Stop copying me. It's getting annoying. It's fine if you wanna look up to me, but don't try to be me. Although it's annoying, I can try to cope with you trying to copy my style. But as bad as that is, please don't make it worse and try to "help me" with my own style. It's pretty insulting that you're copying me, then telling me I'm doing it wrong and trying to tell me what to do. If you don't like what I do and exactly how I do it, how 'bout you find your own things to do? I don't need your help to be me.


Ohh, and just to make it clear, I'm not particularly mad at any of these people.
I just needed to get this down. I admit it's pretty harsh,
but it's my innermost thoughts. You can't tell me you've never felt this way before.
I simply put it down in words.
Feel free to add an anonymous comment of anything that's gotten on your nerves before, 
and I can add it to this post.