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Friday, December 31, 2010

Quote Grab Bag

Not gunna lie..
I just created the most fantastic present for myself.
Cost? Completely free.
I guess it can make-up for my complete lack of receiving anything for Christmas.
And this is something that I really like and I'll definitely cherish for as long as it lasts.

I went online and copied a bunch of quotes into Microsoft Word,
created a monotonous format for all of them,
and printed them on colorful paper.
I'm working on cutting them out right now, folding them once,
and putting them in a bag.
I'm hoping to get some sort of cool container for them that is space-efficient - seeing as how crowded and messy my desk is.

I really really like it so far.
I got quotes on life, love, smiles, and friendship.
Each morning I will get to pick one (with my eyes closed, of course).
All the quotes are different,
but if it's one that has an inspiring way to look at the day,
then bam, there I go - that will be my inspiration of the day.
Others will give me something to think about.
I might not even like some of them.

The only part I don't like about this is that I only get to read one a day o:
I might have to splurge some days and take two. But shhh! (:

Then I was thinking, after I read them, what am I gunna do with them?
I don't just want to throw them away.
I'm either going to post them somewhere in my room so I can find them later (similar to a Ms. Dixon gallery walk, if you've experienced that), or bring them with me to wherever I go that day (school, a store, the mall, etc) and place the piece of paper with the quote on it somewhere where it will be found (but not too easily).

I'm definitely excited for this present :D
I am going to make it into a new years resolution to pick one a day,
since this is a realistic-sounding resolution (not eating McDonalds for a whole year just didn't work.. as much as I would have loved it to).

means I can't start till tomorrow ):

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