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Thursday, December 30, 2010


... is such a lie.
There are those movies where the two people who like eachother
just happen to look up and what do you know,
there's mistletoe.
Maybe I'm just not old enough - I haven't been in the right situation.
After all, I'm only 16; although sometimes I feel like I'm 16 going on 21.   

Maybe one day when I'm at a holiday office party,
the guy I'm crushin' on will just happen to be standing next to me under the mistletoe.
I feel like that's the ideal scenario.. so.. I like that idea.
That's something I definitely wanna do - kiss under a mistletoe.
I think it's really adorable.
In fact, I even have an app on my iTouch.
All it is, is a picture of mistletoe.
THAT'S how lame I am.
I wish movie moments happened to me.

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